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Older updates
  • Playlist code to new file
  • Added
  • Edited generic-searchstring to use source url as root rather than document url.
  • Edited cn_unplug_url2 to apply parent directory links
  • Added
  • Update to xml playlist decoder [still needs improvements]
  • trailers
  • iFilm fix
  • Added [requires xml update]
  • Added
  • Regex fixes, including youtube
  • Treat IFRAMEs as embed (eg:
  • Fix javasoup.generic-flv url=http... bug
  • Youtube fix
  • 230V dummy/development inteface (link)
  • Fix bug for adding/removing toolbar from tools, addons, options
  • Fixed crash for pages using IFRAMEs
  • Removed
  • Minor fix,
  • Additional checking for adding a toolbar button, and explicit option to show or hide toolbar button in the options (display tab).
  • Removed the cheese icon easter-egg unless developer mode is on
  • (xml). Previews only.
  • fixed
  • fixed
Started looking at these
  • added [broken - requires improvements to XML parser]
  • added [broken - not sure how. possibly just needs flash player]
  • added [severely broken! downloads swf as ajax/data]
  • added [broken]
  • Added update for myspace music, which only works in limited cases. Delayed from 1.5.4 due to problems
  • Added upper limit to number of hyperlinks to search (1,000)
  • Added patch from Luca Chiampo for stream/save wizard to use VLC's dump demuxer
  • Added
  • Change toolbar icon from lime fish to frankenfish
  • Included br-PT locale
  • Added box to hide nomedia alert - label requires translation, creates nomedia.js
  • Nahuel Defosse has provided an amazing new UnPlug image!
  • Edits for AJAX "playlists" to give better results and to hide poor results (if set)
  • Added
  • Edited toolbar button tooltip (slight edit to locales), added "XML_Data" in en locale.
  • Hides poor quality links. Links to media types of little use, eg "flash player", "unknown", "data", etc. are now hidden by default, unless they are the only links found. This has been added to the options, so can be turned on or off.
  • Change default for Flashblock workaround to "on", as this appears not to cause problems. Disabled error message if there errors starting this workaround (as this normally means Flashblock isn't installed).
  • Added
  • Added (could do with some cleanup for AJAX playlist response)
  • Fixed typo in generic-fullsearchstring which grabbed file=// when it shouldn't
  • Slightly better mimetype detection (especially for server-side scripts serving video content, like
  • Slight tweak to javasoup.generic-flv to demote swf results which were incorrectly labeled as flv
  • Force toolbar button to appear in toolbar - by popular request, I've found how to get the toolbar button to appear on the main toolbar, to the right of the search box. For a while, the unplug button has been avaliable in the toolbar palette (avaliable in tools->customise), but not displayed by default. The code for this will probably need some more tweaking. Please report any problems (such as more than one toolbar button appearing) to
  • Improvements to AOL Video code (still very limited)
  • Added/updated
  • Added
  • Added (japanese)
  • Updated several generic methods for better results, especially with
  • Set .ashx extension to be .asx playlist
  • Changes for sites using framesets (improved for sites using multiple framesets, framesets inside iframes, etc)
  • Improved javascript flv detection, replaces broken code
  • Minor fix for "Include / Other" playlists
  • Update for
  • Update for
  • Added
  • Added
  • Added
  • Added
  • Added
  • Added
  • Updated generic search in searchstring
  • Added very limited AOL Video support
  • Update for embedded google video players
  • Added rule to grab obvious FlashObject("...") items (as swf) from Javascript
  • Bugfixes for songbird. I still need to do something to get the songbird web playlist code to rescan the page after each playlist download.
  • Created a link type "XML Data" (cn_unplug_me_data) to seperate XML-based data downloads from true playlists. This label still needs to be added to the locales (even for en-US), and applied to all XML-data (not just the test cases)
  • Changed icon on results page to a nicer icon by GaŽlle Riche
  • Fixed oversized add-ons icon
  • Added
  • Updates for
  • Updates for
  • Added
  • Added
  • Updates for, including playlist decoder for "package xml".
  • Testing-only updates for
  • Testing-only updates for

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