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Firefox Icon Firefox 1.5 - 2.0
The world's best web browser
Iceweasel Icon IceWeasel 2.0
A fork of Firefox from Debian, the Free operating system
Songbird Icon Songbird 0.2
A media player based on VLC and Firefox, which allows you to browse music from the web. UnPlug works ok in Songbird, but I still need to make some big improvements. Ideas and feature requests very welcome ( Songbird users should probably use the testing version so it updates properly.

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This version is the same as the one at Mozilla Add-Ons, but releases may appear here a little earlier than on Mozilla Add-Ons.

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Download testing version



Download Testing Version

This version will use the testing version of UnPlug. It updates more frequently and eariler, so normally has shiney new features, but is not as well tested as the proper release.

New in this version
  • Attempted to add support for HTTP HEAD request to see if there are redirects; is broken for now
  • Added
  • Added postdata item to cn_unplug_data for passing non-ascii strings to playlist HTTP POST. Use with the post:// psudo-protocol.
  • Started work on Requires binary downloads
  • Added embed
  • Added function _mainurl(url) to toolkit
  • Fixed delutube, sort of
  • added _fix_obvious_mime to cludge the right mimetype
  • Fixed {...xml:...}.
  • Changed scanning so that found URLs are scanned twice. This fixes, and should help with future development, but may cause issues with other sites such as listing too many links.
  • Add
  • In "XML (testing)" playlist routines -- strip CDATA tags, add _playlist_good_link for matching ".flv" and others that are "good links", which can be displayed in bold. If "show only good links" is enabled, only bold links will be shown, if possible.
  • Added
  • Bugfix: prevent autotomatic logoff
  • Added {movie: ... flashvars: ...} javascript support, still broken
  • Added
  • Added cookie and referer request medifiers to post:// scheme
  • Improve
  • Added post:// dummy url scheme for HTTP POST
  • Fixed
  • Added
  • Added
  • Better detection of "AJAX No Escape" type of playlist. Fixes
  • Added
  • Added javasoup.filename-grab (fixes flashvideotheater)
  • Added
  • Added music / playlist
  • XML Playlist update - fixes lots of sites, including metacafe, gofish

Older updates

New in Testing
in CVS only
  • Nothing yet - this is probably the last update for a while (sorry!)

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