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Toolbar buttons

UnPlug button I have lots of toolbar buttons

Versions prior to 1.5.7 could get confused and add multiple toolbar buttons.

You may safely remove these as you would any toolbar button, by right clicking on the toolbar and selecting customize. You may also remove or add a toolbar button using the display tab of the options.

File formats and protocols you may come accross

Flash Video (.flv)

Flash video comes in two forms H.263 (since Flash 6) and VP6 (since Flash 8).

The latest version of VLC Media Player (0.8.6) can play H.263 Flash Video, and VLC nightlies (version 0.9-svn) also support VP6 Flash Video.

VLC has problems with some .flv files (especially from symptoms include missing video, inability to use the seek bar, video stopping when seeking, and the video unexpectedly stopping before the end.

Any problems can be fixed by converting the file to AVI format. To do this, you can use this conversion guide (which uses ffmpeg).

Official VP6 codecs (closed source) for Windows Media Player (also closed-source) are avaliable from on2.

MMS links (mms://)

MMS links can be downloaded with VLC (for example using the stream/save button), or using a downloader such as MiMMS (for Debian only, not for Windows).

RealMedia (.rm, .ram) and RSTP links (rstp://)

These can normally only be played with the official RealMedia player (closed source), and can't normally be downloaded.

For Mac OS X users

Media player locations (options, programs)

In Unplug under "Edit Settings, Programs" the edit button doesn't work. Avoid using the button and type the full path to the program into the box instead. For example:

Where does UnPlug work?

Which websites can I use UnPlug on?

Check the list of sites. If your site's not listed, UnPlug can sometimes get the media file anyway. And sometimes it can't.

Can I use UnPlug on Safari or Internet Explorer

Currently Firefox, Iceweasel and Songbird are supported, and that's all. It'll probably never be installable on Safari or Internet Explorer.

If UnPlug doesn't work

If UnPlug can't find the video

Email me at, telling me the site's address! I'll do my best to add it.

If you want to track it down yourself, I suggest you glance at the source (view menu, source) to see if the video location is shown somewhere obvious. If that fails, use wireshark to monitor your connections to the internet. Set it capturing what's sent over your internet connection and visit the web page which has the video. Stop the capture, and type "http" into the filter box to get rid of the junk. Then look for a request for a .flv file.

If UnPlug is broken

Email me at, telling me what happened (and what you did that caused it ;-)

It's helpful to me to have any errors that UnPlug caused - it writes them to the Error Console (avaliable in the Tools menu, and called the Javascript Console in Firefox 1.5). Look for "In UnPlug, in the function....".

The unplug project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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