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UnPlug is a FireFox extension which lets you save video and audio which is embedded on a webpage.

UnPlug scans web pages and tells you where things like media players and other embedded objects are getting their data from, and displays it as a simple hyperlink: in most cases, you can then follow the simple download link to save the media file.

It doesn't need to connect to external sites to find where media is kept - but it can do if you want it to by downloading the results from KeepVid and VideoDownloader. UnPlug will search, ask and even guess where media is on a website, presenting its results in an easy-to-use results page.

UnPlug connects with a number of other extensions, including Down Them All and NoScript. Version 1.4.5 works as a Songbird extension too.

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Includes information how to play .flv files, how to download mms links, and more.

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Looking for music to use in your YouTube video, but are afraid of the RIAA? Use music from Magnatune (details).

UnPlug button Since version 1.5.1, UnPlug adds the unplug toolbar button to the toolbar - if you don't want it, right click on a toolbar and select customise; and then drag and drop it off the toolbar.

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